2017 Mr. Distinguished Gentlemen Pageant 

Distinguished Gentlemen (dəˈstiNGɡwiSHt ˈjentlmən)- a male that carries himelf with dignity and authority while commanding respect. Furthermore this individual is a chivalrous, courteous, and honorable man.

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Meet the Former Mr.DG

Benson Joseph was born and raised in Lake Worth, Florida. Holding positions as the past president of Club Creole, the Haitian Student Association at UF, he has taken part in various community service projects from volunteering with the disabled at Noah’s Endeavors to planning drives that have accumulated more than 50lbs of clothes to be donated to orphanages in Haiti. The former head of the Cultural Alliance, Benson values community service. In the summer of 2013 Benson was a counselor for the UF Student Alliance Career Explorations and Leadership Development program. He co-hosted the Poets Incorporateds Flow Open Mic Nights for fall 2012 and went on to work at the University of Florida Admissions Office where he took part in informational programs such as educating High School Students on academic opportunities on campus. Benson values scholarship in that he is constantly finding new ways to better himself; whether it is developing new traits from dancing, learning to cook new dishes, or writing poetry. He even taught himself to play the piano. With the free time he does get he likes to play basketball. If you don’t find him on the court crossing someone up, he is more than likely relaxing and enjoying the company of his close friends.  Benson obtained a Bachelors Degree in Biology and is continuing to pursue his dreams of continuing his education and becoming a surgeon. Enthused by the natural disasters that struck Haiti, he wants to serve on a Disaster Medical Attention Team (DMAT), the primary response unit when disasters like those occur. He also aspires to go back to Haiti to develop a medical system with the primary goal of serving the people who at the moment don’t have the ability to help themselves.